Siblings 2.0

Every friendship, I believe there will be probably average of two to three persons. If it's more, one cannot commit to too many. There'll always be a couple of very fond best friends while the others are close friends. But if you claim that there are six of you and all of you are very fond to each other, it's more than 'best friends'. I'd like to refer them as siblings. We're not related by blood but loyalty.

One of the most silly things I often thought to myself was if only I met them five years before, I would have been a better person back then during high school. Leave alone the 'not-so-proper' environment that I need to cope everytime. 

Previously, I was always rushing in making friends, loving every good aspect of them, constantly had a 'mind set' that as long as we keep in touch, we'll remain the friendship but clearly life doesn't work that way. I was young and naive so I often want people to understand me as much as I claimed I understand them. 

Again, back then it was always about me because standing at my position, I often view things as a whole and only understand what I want to understand. What's the problem with looking at things as a whole? Well, you tend to neglect looking at the less fortunate part and pick to see only the nice part of the picture. Bias

That's what I thought working in friendship, focusing and accepting the very superior part of a person that at the end of the day I will absolutely become overwhelmed by their flaws. Now when I realized, how can two persons become close enough if they don't accept each others weakness? 

We'd say we'll be there through thick or thin but we barely answer their calls when they needed us. Words. You can't see it but it does scratch the skin hell out of you. Nevertheless, we can't blame it merely on words but commitment. Everyone is bounded to commit to their friends even if they're miles away. It doesn't mean once a week phone call, constantly whatsapp-ing or meeting up once a year. Remember! Friendship cannot be measured by number of calls, text, letters etc. It's a simple "How are you" post on FB after ten years of not contacting each other. 

When you guys meet up at reunion, you both will be talking about what happen ten years ago, throwing back the memories of teasing each other at school, the awful dress your friend wore at prom, how ugly your crush turns out to be after a decade and you're thankful for not dating him and things like that. 

If we constantly speak, we'd end up with nothing to talk. If we meet up every weekend for ten years, we'll get bored of looking at each others' face. Because everyone is different. Some prefer to stay apart for a few period of time; then meeting each other after that to catch up with a lot amusing things about themselves. Because for some people, they believe that absent makes the heart grow fonder as much as I do. 

Now that I aged 20, my circle is getting smaller and yet more valuable. There should not be anyone coming in or going out because we have been through storm, rainy days, long nights without sunshine, fighting dragons, shed many tears, shared whatever we had, wear each others' hoodies, sleepover for six months, taken bath together (separate rooms), celebrate each others' birthdays, sneak in into a building every night, played make up and dress up, hating each other's teddy bears, fighting for phone charger, tidy up girls room and mess up after a minute, create a walking closet, had brunch and supper everyday of our lives, critics each others' character and fortune telling the future like we have known each other since day one we were born. 

The list could go on but I want to conclude that 'Everything that comes easy, goes off easy too'. The reason we siblings stick together is because the first phase of us knowing each other was not easy at all. We have seen the worst part of each one of us and understand every struggle that we've been through that nothing could make us love each other less. Because from them, I learn it's okay if you had nothing good in your past because the present is what we are living in right now. That's why we called it 'present' because it's a gift for everyone.


  1. I love youuu. and that pic of us with bakul kat depan. thank you for being a significant part of my life. When i'm old and i have many kids and hardly keeping my sanity because wails and tears everywhere, I will remember the times we used to laze around, wake up at 3 and have breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one single meal, or the time when we hang out until 4 am chat for nothing, all those little things that who knows how much it means now, and every other then.

    Love you little sis <3


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