Beauty and the Beast

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Growing up, my favourite Princess was never Belle. I was more fascinated by Cinderella story and maybe also the little mermaid, Ariel.

To my surprise, I'm not only in love with Belle after watching Beauty and the Beast. I found that we have few similarities too and how rigid is the life she was portraying with ours. No evil step mother, no fancy glass shoes, maybe just one terrifying beast which a few may have encountered in life before (though the face might not be similar -just similar behavior).

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Belle is not only beautiful and lucky, she is indeed very smart, extraordinary in her own way and brave. She put family above any other matter and that is a crucial value right there! I'm glad that my favourite Hermione become Belle in this movie because I'm already in love with this beauty with brain, Emma Watson.

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The one who played the beast was supposed to be the actor, Douglas Booth in the first place but later was replaced with Dan who is not entirely a disappointment because this prince charming is indeed a good looking one too! I leave you both Douglas and Dan photo in case you're curious to know! 

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Douglas Booth

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Dan Stevens (he looks hot with beard!)

Other supporting roles are big success too! I love Belle's father the most and hate to say this but Gaston looks buff and just a little sweet though. Big thumbs up for this movie!

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He's in Fast and Furious 8 as well!


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