Dear Annick

Some people want diamond rings,
Some people search for the fountain of forever youth,
Some people... just want it all.

While me, I want a day to go back to school in 2009.
I don't want to tell my 15 years-old-self what I know now, in fact I don't want to change anything at all.
I just want to sit at my square little table, look at my left-side where my bestie used to sit and just stare at her and re-feel the moment of having someone by my side to tell anything to, to cry on and getting cheered up on daily basis due to my utterly out-of-control mood swings.

We have absolutely grown up soo much that we don't even recognise our favourite songs anymore. Yours used to be Secondhand Serenade and Yiruma (you played it on repeat while we were playing make up in your room during my staybacks at your house) and also Coldplay! No Bieber yet though.

The bittersweet fact is, we can only rejoice our memories as our lives go on and we learn more and more on responsibility without realising it has eaten up the fun and freedom of our long-gone teenage life.

I can't complain much as how things turn out for me are not entirely a disappointment  at all and you did pretty well too. I'm glad for what I have then and what I have now and can't help feeling blessed for what I still have today, my bestie.

Ps, I found a book with a ballerina on its cover that you gave me. (not sure you still remember it or not) I wrote a lot of stuff in it and every entry began with 'Dear Annick'. And without fail, I wrote I miss you in every end of the entries.

so, this one too has no exceptional - i miss you tweenie


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