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Time Machine

Every living thing has a little bit of hopes and dreams in their lives.

What happen when they don't achieve them? What happen when hopes shattered and dreams get broken?

They will change their dreams to something less complicated and more viable (dream of something they can afford to achieve)They substitute it with other achievements that's not related to that dream (to save the heart) They give up entirely and wish they have TIME MACHINE to adjust their mistakes or to save themselves from being too dreamy in the first place (they can do that)?

So I will elaborate more on point number 3.

Many people has too many unforgiven pasts, unforgettable failures that they take with them in the future to be so called a 'warning' to them from committing the same mistakes twice. It's good tho' to have such guidelines but that's it. You can either learn from it or you forget about it. You can never wish to change it! I mean you can wish (that's what most people do), bu…

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