Time Machine

Every living thing has a little bit of hopes and dreams in their lives.

What happen when they don't achieve them? What happen when hopes shattered and dreams get broken?

  1. They will change their dreams to something less complicated and more viable (dream of something they can afford to achieve)
  2. They substitute it with other achievements that's not related to that dream (to save the heart)
  3.  They give up entirely and wish they have TIME MACHINE to adjust their mistakes or to save themselves from being too dreamy in the first place (they can do that)?

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So I will elaborate more on point number 3.

Many people has too many unforgiven pasts, unforgettable failures that they take with them in the future to be so called a 'warning' to them from committing the same mistakes twice. It's good tho' to have such guidelines but that's it. You can either learn from it or you forget about it. You can never wish to change it! I mean you can wish (that's what most people do), but you WILL never ever get a chance to redo or rewrite your past. You can only fancy your brain about those futuristic machinery that NASA is building or has built but NSFW to use (the world will be in great chaos).

You see, if there is time machine, how do you think humanity will benefit from it? They want to change this and that so much that they will go back to their past even more than them living in the future. Human will never be satisfied. God knows after they alter their pasts, I bet they will go again and use time machine again and fix this and that again and again. This will build great disappointment to human, besides they will never move away from that moment of their life until they die (I don't think they can escape death through the machine).

Take my advice, since the machine is not available yet, or never will, you gotta have courage to let go of the lump, the very toxic mind of yours that always drag you to the past. Easy said than done (cliche)? It took me more than five years maybe to let go of my mistakes and stuff but there will always be another mistake that I will do and they will pile up and somehow my future, my tomorrow will eventually become my past and my yesterdays. Ain't it SO true?

That's what gave me motivation and strength to let go of every heart break, pain or disappointment because I'm hell tired of torturing myself that way. But I do keep in mind the very important values from that pasts and make use of it in the future. I'm thankful for the mistakes that make me so strong at this very moment. They empower me to be someone better, trust people who walk the talk, be extremely capable to stand on my own and never ashamed of my scars.

That's my point, FOR ME.

But for someone else, someone I cared about, I tell myself, if I am part of their dark past, if I can help to change it so that everything will be a lil bit better for them, I will absolutely would. Even the price is too costly on my side. I would.


Image result for tumblr gif aesthetic

Image result for tumblr gif aesthetic


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