Ramadhan Kareem (Silaturrahim Edition)

It never bothered me how strangers can go straight from an acquaintance to enemies. It's common. What really disappoint me is how friends, those who know your best and worse days can turn the tables on you. This is not the matter of putting too high expectations on anyone, (I have moved on from that million years ago) it is just how their attitude changes within short time of period. As though that it is not enough, they pretend that you guys never shared anything before. ZERO.

At this age, we grow up with bunch of friends who do different things in life. Some design aircraft, some train to be accountants, some are busy being lawyers and the rest are still figuring what to do. The time we spend together decreases rapidly. If time is our biggest factor of this issue, that's what happen when we become adults and time is extra cruel to adults. I bet you knew it too! But let's say attitude, wrongdoings or stuff like that is what breaking friends apart, an apology should be, well,  decent enough. Or else, what else left to say?

In this holy Ramadhan, I seek an apology from anyone that has been hurt by me on purpose or incidentally. I forgive all your unintended mistakes and hope The All Mighty showers you with his blessings. May we fulfill our duty and take advantages in this month to spread love, kindness, generosity and may Allah grant us with the best in everything we do. In sya' Allah.

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