1,2,3, say Cis!

It's raining again. LOL. I supposed to be glad that it rains, finally.
Today at school, Kay cried. Hummphh~ && Dar didn't come to school because she was sick.
P.S. Debate we're against Keat Hwa for the first motion. Ouchh~ My blood was rising up when I heard about this. Good thing we're the Government and I'll be the President for a day or two. ? Ha-ha!

One more thing is about friendship. There's a lil argument happened just now and they people started to curse each other by calling 'things'; you know. I don't get it. Hello?! I thought you guys were best friends? Like duhh.. Even when we people argue also we'd never called such things to our besties. Now I know where you put your friendship in. We keep it close to our heart and yours in the mouth.

I have such diseases that cannot be cured coz it hunt me like everyday/second.
Firstly, Yusuf. That name keep on and on and on appearing in every single thing around me.
The birth cert, exam paper, victim, tokoh agama, ENT Doctor, inspector police in tv, account paper and the person himself. Do you see any clue of it to get lost? Shit!
Last, Sunny. It's my fault that I had created this name for that particular person. Nearby my house there's a cafeteria named Sunny, a Nissan old edition car called Sunny, Boney M and BCL songs titled Sunny, an Iced lorry with the sign Sunny and also the Sunny days I had with Sunny.
Sometimes I felt like a retard person for facing this things at once. "such jatuh tergolek, ditimpa dan masih dikejar tangga'. Fuhh! I'm the second A. Samad Said

Seriously la people. Give me a peaceful life for a day.
xoxo .amalina.


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