I'm a Big Big Girl (already)

Now that everything is back to normal and I am once again, being myself. I'm glad that I do this time. 

Things were different in these couple of years; so different. I barely recognize my own self. There're ups and downs but mostly I'm at my lowest. I watch my friendship fade away, my life in ruined without my bestie and karma hits me like a train. I face tough times by myself and I realized that I'm a dead spoiled girl with her own bad behavior; mood swings & etc. I thought 2009 was the worse moment ever but I must certainly thought it wrongly. That particular year, I had everything I have ever wanted. For once in my life I felt so happy to be around with my best friends. How naive I was to only see the rainy parts and choose not to cherish the happy moments. Being alone is never easy. I admit there are another friends of mine who's always by my side but it never be the same. Again, see how ungrateful nina is. Despite the years, I swear I learned my lessons well. I'm trying to be a better person now and I instill good stuff in everything I do. I love my friends and I do not wish to lose them again because this is our last year in high school and we had plenty of time to be together. 4 more months. That's right. About her, I'm over it, totally! Finally! I don't want to make silly mistakes anymore this time. Heard of the first mistake is unavoidable, the second is an optional? That, too I learn well. So now, my focus is on studies, family, lovely friends and.....him. =))
awww..! I love you guys. 


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