Me New Cut

Na Na Na Na!! Not a hand cut again! Fewhh! Hair cut laa. Yesterday I went CP to buy GCB with mummy and  we went to Popular to check out some new goods. Not really good to me coz I'm forbidden to grab any novel since spm is few more months to go. So, I was stuck between the teenage novel section and the spm's. Instead of searching for revision book, my hot momma insisted to go to toilet and she couldn't wait any longer. Haih~ The good thing is I can hang around ALONE! bad thing is my mom got to know my plan and she refused to 'abandoned' me and let me have some fun. Wanna know wht happen? She drop me at the saloon nearby and had my hair cut there, just cut my freaking fringe that is not that bloody long. arghhh! So here's the result. Not much diff lol.


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