I cried for 3 period straight during drama. If there's nothing missing in my life so why do this tears still falling? Uma Shangari,Shambavi Elangkovan
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I had you on my mind bcoz I wore the clothes you gave for one of the scene in drama. Kajal dare all of us to cry along with the sad music played and I guess I'm the first to cry and the last to stop. They were asking me what it is that makes me cry. I just close my eyes, wipe my tears and open again; but another tears fell and then I gave up to make it stop. If you are reading this, I hope you realize that I'm talking about you. When you're gone, half of my life were gone too. I didn't know what to do and who I should be. Even if I'm back to who I used to be now, it all doesn't matter anymore. I have lost the person who will hug me when I suddenly not talking, tell me that it is okay even when she's not sure what's going to happen next and always know what to say when I don't believe in everything I do. Yeah, I miss you. How do I not miss you when you're the best thing I had in my life? I MISS YOU SO MUCH...


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