Why Should We Move On

This post in it’s entirety can be interchangeable. It’s intended, and may inspire, both males, and females.
  • He doesn’t realize your worth.
If you find yourself constantly having to prove something, move on. If you’re having to prove how much you love someone, that you’re trustworthy, or that your attitude has improved, then he’s not right for you.
No one deserves to spend their lives trying to prove themselves. No one.
He can’t get with the program? Someone else will.
  • He wants you to wait on him.
You’re ready now.  You know everything you need to know, you’re tired of going through all the motions. All you want is him, and you’re 100% sure of it. He, however, still isn’t so sure. Nothing seems clear to him. He has you sitting on the bench while he’s allowing all these others to play the field. 
Leave. Fast.  If you spend your life waiting on someone, imagine how much time you’re wasting! Imagine how much life you’re missing out on! For every person who isn’t ready for commitment, there’s someone better who is!!!
It takes males a lot longer to figure out what they want, and no person should sit around waiting until that day comes. Go out, live.
  • You always feel like you’re walking on eggshells. 
Does everything you say or do always seem so wrong? Do you constantly find yourself arguing over things that are irrelevant? If so, this is a sign that maybe you aren’t with the right person.  Things would feel so much different with the right person; they’d just feel, well, right.
Everyone goes through those relationships that were just terrible.
The key thing to remember:  The Lord will never give you more than you can handle, everything happens for a reason, and you have to experience the bad in order to know when you truly have something good.
  • He can’t open up to you and tell you how he feels.
If he can’t look you in the eyes, man up, and tell you anything on his mind, it isn’t worth it. It’d be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting for you in the long run. Trust me, you’ll be drained.
A real man…the man, will be willing to put his pride aside and tell you that he loves you, that he had a bad day at work, or that he’s just not into you anymore.
Communication is key to a relationship, and if he just doesn’t have it, let him go.
  • He can never stand up for you, nor fight for you.
There’s nothing worse than feeling like your man doesn’t have your back. I mean, even that school nerd that has a crush on you intervenes when someone lies about a sex tape you apparently made, yet he says nothing.
When his guy friends call you out of your name and he still says nothing, that’s never a good sign either. Him allowing others to mistreat you, not only shows weakness in him, but also shows that he has no full respect for you. It’ll give everyone else the sense that they can just run all over you.
If you’re with someone who can’t stand up for you, then why waste your time? what’s the point of giving him your heart? Furthermore, what the hell is the point of marriage? Until death do us part? Yea, not for this one. 
  • He can’t keep things between you and him.
A relationship is between two people. Point blank. The second either of you start letting outside sources in, is the moment you give other’s the power and will to sabotage. Your sex life, your problems, everything should be between you too.
Remember, everything said can potentially be used against you!
  • He treats you like crap.
Now this one is a given.
  • There’s no trust.
If you’d seriously be ok with living your life not knowing where he is, wondering if he’s cheating, hell, wondering about anything at all, then you need some serious work. Trust is so important that it’s one of the main things that ruins most relationships, and is one of the leading causes of divorces.
Your ideal man should be someone you trust. You should let him go out for the night with the guys and not have to worry about anything at all!
  • He lies to you all the time.
And he’ll keep lying. Why? Because you allow him. And if he’ll lie about the call from Ashley he received, he’ll lie about the car that’s waiting for him outside, and about having to go on an “extended work trip” for your anniversary weekend.
  • He’s insecure.
This is one of my biggies.
You can’t be be happy within a relationship if you aren’t truly happy with yourself. You just can’t. 
Most relationships don’t work due to all of the insecurities that are contained within them.  Think about it, when you’re happy with yourself, you worry less, and you can provide all the necessary things you need to bring into the relationship on your part.
It’s draining to have someone who’s terribly insecure, and it never works towards the relationships benefit. Ever.
Believe it or not, a lot of people make the mistake of settling for much less than they deserve. A lot of the time, we’re all in denial about what we truly deserve, and about the level of happiness we’re holding on to.  We determine the key, and I don’t understand why people keep allowing themselves to settle for less than they deserve.
*The moment you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.
Save yourself a lifetime of heartache. 
peace, love, inspiration


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